Here is a helpful list if you want to just rent the space and wondering what is next:

*Set the date, the start time and end time get the invites out to your guests at least 3-4 week prior to event.

*If there are any deliveries for example flowers, cake, cupcakes, rentals, musician set up, gifts from guest not attending it must be the hour before the event when you come to set up. "There are a few exceptions to this." for example tent rental.

*Prepare to spend one hour set up time one hour clean up time.

*There is usually a list of friends and family that always ask how they can help. Take them up on this offer! They really do want to help.

* For those that ask about the menu and want to make there specialty why not? One less thing you have to do.

*We have also prepared a list of items to bring with you in the process of making your life easier ask us about this list when you tour Seven Chairs.​